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Choosing the Right Armour for Your Event

Whether you are dressing up for a formal event or going out on a date, selecting the perfect outfit can be a daunting task. Well, there aren’t any written dress codes that simplify this dilemma, but for good reasons, we already know why we shouldn’t be wearing bow ties for interviews.

A man’s dress is the mirror of his personality, so if you are willing to create an impactful and confident personality, it is the outfit that needs the most attention. However, not all men are bothered by the idea of appropriate clothing, and they are happy with whatever feels comfortable for an occasion but trust me, this is the first mistake they make. No matter how much you try, you cannot deny the fact that most people are superficial, and appearances are more appealing to them than your actual personality. The fact might sound a bit exasperating, but it’s true.

Things to Consider When Picking a Dress for an Event


Do you always feel overwhelmed while picking an outfit? Think of it as an armour that would defend you against self-doubt and help you pull off a more relaxed aura. Convince yourself that not only this armour should make you stand out from everyone, but only suit well on you.

Before selecting a dress for any event, there are three most important ‘what’s’ to ponder over! What is the occasion, the dress code, and the venue?

If you know their answers, Congratulations! You are only a step away from becoming the Showstopper.

What is the Right Attire for this Event?

There are certain phases in a man’s life where he has to dress in a specific manner. Weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, all require people to dress differently. To make this cumbersome task easy for you, we have gathered the right outfit choices for your special events.


Suiting up for a wedding is the weariest challenge among all the other events. But you might have heard of the phrase, if he's dressed up in a tuxedo, it’s probably a special day for him. So if it’s your Wedding then a black tuxedo is hands down the best option for you, but remember to check for what’s the bride wearing and what type of wedding you’re having. If the bride is wearing a traditional gown, and you’re going for an evening wedding, then you can stick with the standard tuxedoes or a dinner jacket.

Comparatively, if you are holding a day time wedding or a beach wedding, then dressing up in a tuxedo might not be the best option. For this, you can go for a James bond styled satin suits.


When selecting a dress for a party, you can adhere to the semi-formal outfits. There are plenty of options to choose from depending upon the type of party you are going to. You can get dressed in a plaid shirt with black dress pants or V-neck sweaters with a plain shirt. Other semi-formal option for a more dapper look includes a cotton blazer and a pinstriped jacket with simple dress pants.


An appropriate outfit is what you need when going out on a first date. It’s better not to dress up excessively for a date. Keep your outfit light, and wear a button-down shirt and pair it with well-fitted jeans or accentuate your style with a sports jacket coupled with dark wool trousers.

Have you chosen the right fit for your event? Wait no more and shop at to get your perfect outfit and make your day more memorable.

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