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Three ways to show off your style in a tuxedo

Everyone wants to appear distinguishing and graceful at some event. Everyone has its own style that makes him unique and everyone wants to make his clothes fashionable and striking. When you want to wear a tuxedo at some event with the same dress code, you feel that you will look similar to everyone wearing a tuxedo. However, you can look really impressive and appealing if you style yourself in a wonderful way.

You can be innovative and modern in your style wearing the same dress code. You can choose really impressive accessories to your tux to make yourself more graceful. There are many ways to show off your style in a tuxedo. You can follow the tips mentioned below to enhance your style and appeal to everyone on the big day.

Ways to show off your style in a tuxedo;

Here are some of the ways to show off your style in a tuxedo;

  1. Lapels matter;

The first thing people see about your tuxedo is your lapel. You must consider these things to choose the right one for your tuxedo;

  • Shawl lapel is very noticeable and distinguishing for a tuxedo. It has a rounded edge that looks like a shawl swathed over the person’s shoulders. Shawl lapel will be suitable for contrasting colours in your tux.
  • Most formal form of lapel is peaked lapel. Its outward peaks point upwards. Peaked lapel is a wonderful choice for you if you desire to look slim.
  • Notch lapel is normally not suitable for a tuxedo because of its informal look. Yet, some celebrities like to wear flat-front or sleek notch lapel for award ceremonies.
  1. Tie your bowtie in a proper style;

Clip-on tie is not recommended for adults as it looks childish. Clip-on bowtie is also really unpopular for tuxedos. You must want to look elegant and appealing on the special event. So, you must tie your bow tie in a proper style to look amazing.

  1. Be innovative;

You can be innovative with your tuxedo to look more enchanting. You can follow the tips below and rock the event;

  • You can support a bowtie with some bright colour such as shimmery red to add a modern touch to a regular tuxedo according to the event.
  • You can use silk grosgrain material in a combination with your jacket and pants to gracefully trim the tux and make the suit look distinctive.
  • You can be more creative with a statement jacket to not look very traditional with your outfit. You must not choose something too bright to look overdone. You can choose a suede or velvet jacket to look perfect with your tuxedo.

Tuxedo is a classic choice of clothing but is always loved by men everywhere. You must style yourself in a way to make everyone feel attracted towards you. A tuxedo makes you look younger, taller and stylish. The most important thing is to consider the ways to show off your style in a tuxedo without being too overdone. You can visit our website to search for a tuxedo that suits you well and will enhance your style to make you look enchanting.


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