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How Shoes Can Make or Break Your Outfit?

It is your best friend’s wedding, and you are standing in front of the mirror, all suited up in your brand new tuxedo suit and giving off an impeccable look. You are happy that you have successfully created the perfect look you wanted for your friend’s big day. But suddenly, you notice your shoes, and in a span of a few seconds, you are consumed with these thoughts:

Are these the ideal pair of shoes to wear with this suit? Is my Outfit even going with these shoes? And so on.

The look that once felt seamless is now dowdy and incomplete. Well, if you have been in the same situation before, then know that it’s not a big deal. It is a predicament faced by a lot of men every day, and perhaps, the statement shoes can make or break an Outfit isn't exaggerated at all.

In the words of a French Fashion Designer,

                ‘A right pair of shoes is enough to transform a man physically and mentally.'

Why Shoes Matter?


Since the men’s fashion industry came into existence, shoes have remained a significant part of a man's attire. Although there are many philosophies to support this statement, it is primarily because shoes are considered an indication of the high status and wealth of a person for centuries.

Even today, in ancient cultures, wearing shoes is equivalent to belonging to a respectable community. That means, no matter how expensive and stylish your outfit is, people are ultimately going to judge you on your footwear.

If you are a man that cares only about a shirt, pants, and a nice jacket while going out, then you belong to the 90% of men that don’t bother looking for the right shoes according to the event. It also implies that whatever your outfit is, if your shoes are not complementing it, you can get camouflaged in the crowd. By getting yourself a contemporary pair of shoes, you can easily stand out and break this stereotype.

Another fun fact to add, women are attracted more towards detail-oriented men! Giving attention to your shoes will not only help you to appear more handsome but also make you a bit more sophisticated among women.



Get the Perfect Shoes for all Occasions


While the importance of shoes in the modern era can be quite easy to comprehend, choosing the perfect footwear for any occasion can still be a headache for many people. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right pair for you.

When looking to get a casual and comfy look most men go for sneakers which is one of the most versatile options available in men’s shoes. You can either choose a colorful pair to pull off a street style look or stick with white sneakers for a more subtle look.

A pair of Boots is another great option that will add spark to your casual, as well as formal outfits. Suede Chelsea boots is an excellent pick for outfits that involves a sweater and jacket, while High-cut boots and chukkas can be a smart addition to a street style outfit and button-up shirts and trousers.

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