Tuxedo styles

What tuxedo style is best for wedding

A wedding day is the most important day in a person’s life. It is a wonderful celebration of a relationship that will make your life full of colours and love. It is believed that men look really appealing and gorgeous wearing a tuxedo. A lot of men wear tuxedo for the very first time in their wedding. Tuxedo comes with a lot of different styles and colours that can make a huge difference on your looks.

It is great to know that a lot of styles are presented for customers. Research shows that almost 80 percent of men wear tuxedo on their wedding. There are a lot of choices for you that will compliment your body type and reflect your inner personality.

Tuxedo styles

Tuxedo is available in different colours, materials and styles that make it more adaptable for different occasions. Here are some considerable styles that are suitable for wedding.

  • Shawl lapel

Shawl lapel is the most demanding style of tuxedo and looks more appealing than other types of tuxedo. It will make you look gorgeous and eye-catching at the event.

  • Notch Lapel

Notch lapel provides a professional style of tuxedo that provides you a graceful look. A charcoal grey tuxedo will look really appealing with notch lapel.

  • Peak lapel

Peak lapel will be a perfect choice for people who like to wear slim-fit suits. This style will provide you a slimmer look and a perfect style.

Assess your personality

You must consider your personality and style before selecting a tuxedo for a wedding. You definitely know if you are short or tall and thin or healthy. If you are self conscious, you must consider these aspects and style accordingly to tackle your insecurities.

  • Thin and tall

If you are thin and tall, you can wear almost every style you want. A two button jacket with peak or notch collar will look good, but you can also select three or four button style. You can choose a style with padded shoulders to provide you a look of broader shoulders. Some tuxedo styles are made with a tighter and shorter fit to deal with the latest trends.

  • Muscular and tall

If you are tall but muscular, you can choose one button jacket to look slimmer. A shawl lapel is a great choice for muscular and tall person. You must choose a boxy style with vented pleats on back instead of contemporary styling. Don’t choose anything too tight as it will look badly fitted instead of looking stylish.

  • Short and slim

Avoid any style that make you look shorter and fitted. Don’t choose shawl lapel, four button jacket or double breasted jacket. You must pick a style with a low button stance. You can choose shoulder padded jacket to elongate your bodyline.

  • Muscular and short

You can choose a one or two button tuxedo with narrow lapels to make you look thinner. Don’t choose double breasted jacket and avoid any style that looks shorter or tighter.

Now, you can identify different styles of tuxedo and can choose perfect attire that will suit you on special occasion. You can try these styles to look smart and appealing in your outfit and feel fresh and confident.

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