Which Tuxedo?


Weddings are one of the most memorable and important days of a man’s life. A groom’s wedding clothing is also important just like a bride’s outfit. The groom’s outfit should complement the event and venue. It should also complement the bride’s outfit to look good in wedding pictures. Tuxedo is mostly preferred for grooms to stand out and look amazing. It is really tricky to choose a perfect tuxedo for your wedding that looks really enchanting and will make your look distinguishing.

Tips to choose perfect tuxedo for wedding;

Here are some considerations to follow to choose the right tuxedo for your wedding;

  • Consider the bride’s outfit;

You must choose a tuxedo that complements the bride’s dress. If your bride is wearing a formal and traditional dress, you must choose a formal tuxedo in black or white.

  • Fabric of tuxedo;

You can choose the fabric of the tuxedo according to the season in which the event will take place. Wool-blended, pure wool or worsted tuxedo will be a wonderful choice for winter weddings. Linen tuxedo will be great if the wedding is happening in the summer season to make you feel comfortable. Cotton and polyester tuxedo can be chosen if you want some economical ones.

  • Theme of the wedding;

You should consider the theme of the wedding. You should choose a tuxedo that complements the venue and theme of the event. Your outfit must complement the theme to look startling.

  • Colour of the suit;

You must choose the colour of tuxedo wisely. Your tuxedo’s colour must not look really different from the theme. Tuxedo is a formal wear and formal colours such as black, white, grey and blue are mostly preferred for tuxedo. If the wedding is less formal, you can be creative with colours to look bold and appealing.

  • Season of wedding;

You should know in which season the wedding is taking place. Season of the wedding really matters when choosing a tuxedo. You can choose light colours for summer and darker for winter weddings to look perfect.

  • Choose tuxedo that looks good on you;

You must consider your style and way of wearing your outfit when choosing a tuxedo for a wedding. It may be possible to buy a most liked tuxedo that doesn’t suit your style and body. So, you must choose a tuxedo that will look really good on your body. It will make you look confident and gorgeous at the event.

  • Groomsmen’ outfits;

Your groomsmen also matter when choosing a tuxedo for your wedding. You must choose a tuxedo that compliments the suits of the groomsmen. But, you look distinguishing to make your memorable day really amazing. You can also choose a bold coloured tuxedo to stand out at your big day.

  • Pick your accessories wisely;

When you have chosen a tuxedo for your wedding, you must find some beautiful accessories to go well with your look. You can select a patterned tie, startling cuff-links, silk tie or neck-wear shoes. These accessories will enhance your overall appearance and you will look really charming.


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