Suspend'her in style

If you are wearing a tuxedo at your wedding and you are confused about choosing the right suspenders for it, you must know about choosing the right suspenders for your tuxedo. Suspenders are made particularly for wedding tuxedo, but they can make or break the look depending on your choice. Your suspenders will be visible when you remove your jacket to rule the dance floor. Your suspenders will make your look more enchanting and impressive if chosen perfectly.

Difference between regular and tuxedo suspenders;

While a tuxedo is a formal suit for a wedding, your suspenders should be formal to go well with the appearance. You must avoid choosing bargain suspenders or too flashy suspenders and opt for classic suspenders to look nicer.

Considerable aspects while choosing the right suspender;

You must consider some important aspects while choosing a perfect suspender for your tuxedo. Here are some important tips to consider;

Colour of the suspender;

Classic colours are always best for your wedding tuxedo. White and black colours are most popular for tuxedo suspenders. You can also choose navy blue if you want to look unique. You can choose other colours according to your suit to look innovative and stunning.

Buttons or clips for suspenders;

It is often asked whether to choose a clip or buttons for suspenders. It basically depends on the pants you have to wear. If you have buttons on your pants you can choose button suspenders. On the other hand, you can choose clip suspenders if you don’t have any buttons on your pants.

What fabric is best for suspenders?

Suspenders with tuxedo should be made of high quality fabric. Light woven ribbon is a good choice; however silk fabric is always loved for tuxedo suspenders. You can buy suspenders from a reliable website such as to ensure best quality.

Thickness of the suspender;

Suspenders are available in different sizes but you have to choose suspenders according to your suit. For tuxedo, suspenders with 1.25 or 1.5 inch thickness are mostly recommended. Formal suspenders usually come in 1.5 inch thickness and you choose your favourite colour and material from them.

Tips to style your tuxedo with suspenders;

If your suspenders aren’t fixed well, your appearance will look dull no matter how graceful your suspender is. You can style your suspenders by following these tips;

  • Your tux must be tailored professionally to make your look perfectly styled.
  • White shirt is normally recommended if you are going to choose bold colours for your suspenders.
  • You must coordinate the suspender with the square if you are wearing pocket squares. Choose black suspender with coloured pocket squares to give a formal and attractive look.

Most liked suspenders for tuxedo;

These are some suspenders that will look striking with your tux. You can choose one of them to look elegant and confident with your choice. These are mentioned below;

  • Pink
  • Classic black
  • White formal
  • Black formal
  • Silk black
  • Black paisley

You must choose a reliable website such to buy your suspenders to look perfect and appealing.

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