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Weddings are one of the most special moments in everyone’s life and every person wants to look really appealing and enchanting. Men also want to look classy and attractive in their attire. It is very confusing to choose something for your wedding because you want to look really distinguishing and graceful. You can choose your wedding suit by considering some essential aspects mentioned below;

Choose according to the event;

  • Time of the event;

You must consider the time of the event if it is happening in the morning or evening. You can choose lighter shades of blue and grey in the morning. Darker shades of black, grey, blue or brown can be chosen for evening function.

  • Consider the season;

You can choose heavy fabrics such as silk or wool for winter or fall weddings. You can choose a black tuxedo with a three piece suit in grey, blue or dark blue shade. For summer and spring, you can select lighter fabrics to look elegant and eye-catching.

  • According to the venue;

It is also essential to consider the venue of the wedding while deciding the right suit for your wedding. You can choose a lighter and breathable fabric for your suit if the event is happening at an unusual warm venue. You can choose your suit in cotton or linen fabric to go well with your personality and make you classy and comfortable. If your wedding is taking place in a usual city location, you can opt for a tailored suit to look traditional and classy.

  • Your height and weight;

You should also consider your height and weight while choosing the suit for your wedding. Choose something in which you look really adorable and prominent.

What is the best suit for your wedding?

Tuxedo is considered the best choice for a wedding suit as it enhances class and elegance. Black tie is most popular in wedding suits to add grace. You can choose a right tuxedo suit for you from the options given below;

Dinner jacket;

Black dinner jacket is a standard tuxedo made from premium quality wool. This jacket comes with a shawl or peak lapel with grosgrain or satin finish to enhance the beauty of the matte jacket. You can make it more enchanting by using different materials such as velvet. Midnight blue can be a nicer option to look great. You can choose a bold coloured jacket and balance it with black pants to look nice.

Tuxedo trousers;

Tuxedo trousers are also famous in wedding suits to add class. You can choose a flat front style and avoid belt loops on the trouser to fit high on the waist.

Dinner shirt;

You can choose a dinner shirt in plain fabric to provide a cleaner look. If you want something fancy, you can also opt for pleated one or made from Marcella material to provide a textured look to enhance your appearance. Turn-down collars with black ties are common but look really nice. You can choose a French placket or a fly front for your buttons according to your choice.

You can choose your wedding suit from our website to reduce your stress of choosing the right suit. Our wedding suit range is really impressive and is made from high quality fabric to provide a graceful look.

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